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Bruce Stanton Voted AGAINST Free Speech by Supporting Liberal Islamophobia Motion

M-103 was a motion asking the Canadian government to condemn "Islamophobia". The problem is there is no definition included in the motion defining what constitutes Islamophobia. So now, based on past experience, it seems likely that Islamists will use the motion, passed by the Liberal government, as a springboard to making it a hate crime to criticize Islam. That's not good.

If you think that a religion that is being used to: promote hatred against gays, suppress women's rights, and call for the murder of apostates is something to be scared of - better keep it to yourself.

As Mark Steyn found out when he wrote about Muslim population trends in Europe, Islamists don't want to argue with you - they want to shut down your right to speak. 

M-103 specifically asks the Canadian government to use its power to condemn Islamophobia (and presumably, punish anyone who dares to question Islam). No other religious group (Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, etc.) is specifically mentioned in the motion. The way that it has been written, it seems to give special protection to one religion - Islam.

The author of the motion was given the chance to amend it so that it didn't specify any one religion, but instead included all religions - she declined to do so.

Any MP who supported the Islamophobia motion in the Parliament should be voted out of office.

Preserving our right to free speech is more important than pandering to special interest groups. Let's make sure our MPs know that!

Politician: Bruce Stanton
Rating on this issue:
Position: MP
Party: Conservative Caucus
Riding Name: Simcoe North
Last Vote Date: 10/19/2015
Next Vote Date: 10/21/2019
Posted By: jeff harris
Posting Date: 03/26/2017

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