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MP Gord Johns Should Oppose a Carbon Tax


Justin Trudeau says, "...climate change is real; that our children’s future requires us to reduce carbon emissions; and that carbon pricing is an effective way to get us there."


What Trudeau knows (and won't tell you) is that even if Canada reduced its CO2 emissions by 25%, it would make no noticeable difference to the global climate. In fact, even if Canada shut down everything (no factories, no cars, no people, no animals - nothing) it still wouldn't stop climate change.


Of course, if you were to confront Mr. Trudeau with this fact, he'd likely say something like, "At least we're doing something." - even though that "something" won't solve the problem.

You might as well ask the people of Alberta to stand outside with their mouths wide open in the rain - in the hope that they can drink enough rainwater to stop a flood. Of course it would never work - but at least they're doing something, right? Wrong! They would have been better off building dikes, restraining walls and other things that would actually make a difference.


What's the point of implementing a carbon tax to fight climate change when you know at the outset that implementing a carbon tax won't stop climate change?

Justin Trudeau says, "If we want to restore our international reputation – something we need to do to create jobs and spur investment – we must take action and we must do it now".

What he doesn't say is that China and India, two countries that continue to build coal-fired power plants in record numbers, have GDP growth rates that are nearly triple that of Canada's. What about their reputations? He goes on to say how wonderful it is that Ontario shut down its coal-fired power plants - neglecting to mention that electricity rates in the province have skyrocketed while manufacturing jobs have plummeted.

Yes, implementing a carbon tax in Canada will create jobs, but unfortunately those jobs will be in places like China, India, and Mexico.


Canada has lots of issues that can be dealt with right now, right here, at home - issues that don't require the approval or agreement from any other country. If we're going to spend our hard earned money, let's spend it in areas where we can make a difference!

Join me in saying "No" to a carbon tax.

Politician: Gord Johns
Rating on this issue:
Position: MP
Party: New Democratic Party Caucus
Riding Name: Courtenay--Alberni
Last Vote Date: 10/19/2015
Next Vote Date: 10/21/2019
Posted By: jeff harris
Posting Date: 02/20/2016

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