Rating Politicians and Voting on Issues

How do I rate a politician?

If you vote on an issue, and the issue is about your district then you'll also be given the chance to rate the incumbent politician's performance on the issue. Ratings from multiple issues are automatically tabulated to provide an overall rating for the politician

Why should I rate a politician?

Politicians need feedback. They need to know what voters like and don't like. Just like rating a book or a movie can help other consumers, rating a politician can help other voters.

Why can't I rate a politician who is outside of my riding/district?

If you are not in a politician's electoral district they don't care about your opinion - it's irrelevant to them. By forcing our users to vote on issues rather than on politicians directly we hope the ratings will more accurately reflect a politician's ability (i.e. not just his/her likability).

Why should I vote on an issue?

It's important that your local politician knows how you and your neighbours feel about a particular issue. If enough of you feel the same way, the politician will be forced to vote your way - or face the consequences of your displeasure during the next election.

How does your system know what riding I am in even though I haven't given you my address?

We use geolocation technology (built into modern web browser and smart phones) to automatically figure out where you are and which electoral district(s) you are in. Since the whole process is automated, there's never any need to type in your address.

Do you keep track of how I voted on an issue?

Once your vote has been confirmed we do not keep track of how you voted.

Creating and Posting New Issue Pages

Why would I want to post an issue page?

If you want to change the outcome of the next election, post an issue page (or several issue pages) and encourage everyone you know to vote on the issue. If enough people vote in favour of your issue, local politicians will be forced to take notice or face the prospect of losing the next election

Do I have to pay a posting fee?

No. It's free to post an issue page.

Are all submitted issue pages posted?

While we don't review or edit issue pages for accuracy, we do reserve the right to refuse or delete (without notice) any page that is not on topic (i.e. spam ads), is repetitive (i.e. posting the same issue multiple times in the same electoral district), contains obscenities (i.e. is not suitable for a general audience).

What should I do if my issue affects more than one electoral district?

You can post the same issue in multiple districts.

I don't see my local electoral district listed. Can you add it for me?

Let us know if you'd like us to add your local district. We're working on the most populated areas first, but if we get enough requests for a specific district, we'll do our best to accommodate you.

General Site Info

Who is this site made for?

TheVotersSay.com has been created to help: individual voters, groups hoping to influence voters, and politicians.

How is this site different from other sites that show voters what riding/district they are in?

Other sites only have information about a specific area (i.e. a single state, province, city, etc.). TheVotersSay.com is the only single site that has information on political districts in: Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales and the USA.

How will this site help individual voters?

With the click of a button we'll instantly show you the contact info (email address, phone number, etc.) for your local politicians. Reach out and contact them - let them know what you think - you'd be surprised how quickly a politician's opinion can be changed after receiving calls from concerned voters! If you are unsure of who to vote for in the next election, read through issues that other voters in your riding/district have posted. Check out how other voters have rated your incumbent politician.

How will this site help groups of concerned citizens?

If you want to change the outcome of the next election, post an issue page (or several issue pages) and make sure all the members of your group/organization vote on the issue and encourage others to vote on the issue. Graphical charts at the bottom of every issue page will make it clear to each politician how voters in his/her district feel about a particular issue.

How will this site help politicians who are already elected?

If you feel that you have accomplished something significant for your constituents, post an issue page and encourage your supporters to give you a 5 star rating. A high ranking on a particular issue will help to boost your overall ranking.

How will this site help new politicians who want to get elected?

If you feel that the incumbent politician in your riding has bungled a particular issue - posting an issue page can help to make other voters aware of the issue.

Does this site work in both Canada and the United States?

Yes. TheVotersSay.com will has contact info for both American and Canadian politicians. In Canada, in many larger cities we have coverage right down to the local (i.e. councilor) level of government and we're adding new information all the time.

Who owns this site?

TheVotersSay.com is owned and operated by TheSqueakyWheel Inc.