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Email: and are owned and operated by TheSqueakyWheel Inc., based in Toronto, Canada. was launched in the summer of 1999. Since then it has been successful in helping unhappy consumers from around the world get refunds, apologies, and product replacements. has been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV specials. The original concept was simple (and is still effective to this very day). If a consumer is unhappy, help the consumer tell as many people as possible and make sure the company that the complaint is about is kept in the loop about the number of potential customers reading about the consumer's experience. With the power of the Internet (and social media), a five dollar complaint page can have as big an impact as a multimillion dollar advertising campaign! With the playing field now leveled, companies were encouraged to do the right thing by letting them know that resolved complaints would automatically be removed from (something other review and "gripe" sites often refuse to do).

Now, in the summer of 2015, we have launched website to help voters all across the world make sure that their voices are heard by local, provincial, state and federal politicians.

Again, it's a simple but powerful concept.

With a click of a button, instantly provides voters with phone numbers, email addresses and contact forms for their political representatives. There's no need to go to three or four different web sites, fill out forms asking street addresses and zip codes - everything is automated - just click a button and will get you all the info you need. Now it's easy to let politicians know how you feel about an issue.

Individual voters can now effectively compete against lobbyists, big businesses, big unions and other pressure groups by simply posting an issue page at

Issue pages allow voters to rate a politician's performance on an issue and an opinion chart on the issue pages provides an accurate snapshot how friends, neighbours and fellow constituents feel about the issue. Ratings on various issues are automatically tabulated to give a rating for the politician as a whole.

Jef Harris - creator of and

I expect that politicians who want to get re-elected will watch and respond to issue pages posted at just like corporations have worked quickly to respond to and resolve complaints posted at

As always, I wish all of you the best of luck and hope that you find our websites useful.

Jeff Harris
TheSqueakyWheel Inc.