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Most consumers go online to get opinions and ratings from others before they make big-ticket purchases. Now, with TheVotersSay.com, voters can do the very same thing. Find out what other voters think and let them know how you feel about your local politician's performance. Forget the political ads and high priced lobbyists - wouldn't your rather find out what real people think?



Post an Issue Page at TheVotersSay.com and we'll take care of everything else...


Automated Notifications
Whenever a new issue is posted at TheVotersSay.com, our system will automatically send an email message to the appropriate politician to alert them to the issue. In cases where we don't have an email address for the politician we'll email you a link to his/her "Contact Us" web page (if available) so that you can let them know about your issue page.



New issue pages submitted to TheVotersSay.com are automatically added to our site-map which is then submitted to Google on a daily basis.


Social Media
All issue pages have Facebook and Twitter buttons on them, allowing you to quickly share them with all of your social media connections.


Automated Reminders

Just before the next election, we'll send everyone who voted on your issue page a reminder about the issue. Politicians often count on voters having short-term memories. TheVotersSay.com never forgets!



Vote Tracking

Not only will we track the number of people who voted for or against an issue, we'll also track how many of the voters were inside the political district and how many were from outside.


Politician Contact Info

We have free contact info available (email addresses and phone numbers) on thousands of: MPs, MPPs, MLAs, Senators, Governors, Congressmen, Mayors, and local Councillors across: Canada, America, Australia, England, Scotland and Wales.


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